Moonstone Brewery

Moonstone Brewery, is situated in a room in the Ministry of Ale,  complete with viewing window its often the topic of conversation


The brewery was supplied by Mossbrew Brewing Systems and was opened in March 2001. The brewery can produce about 750 pints of beer, twice per week.  The 4 main brewing vessels are called a Mash Tun, a Copper and Two Fermentation Vessels. The finished beer is stored in the cellar below the brewery.


The ingredients used are White Malt, Crystal Malt, Wheat and Black Malt. The soft local water is Burtonised to make brewing liquor. Hops are added in the copper to provide the bitter flavouring and aroma, varieties of hops used include Target, Cascade, Challenger, Saaz, Hallertau, Mount hood, all depending on the type of beer being brewed. A secret strain of yeast is used to make our beers.


Many beers are brewed, mostly by Mick, including the popular Black Star, White Sapphire, Red Jasper and the award winning Trafalgar Stout.


We also run training courses for pupil brewers, its a 3 days course offering a hands on experience of how a brew is done.  For more information regarding the course please email us at and we will happily provide more information and answer any questions you may have.